(Left to right) Eric Chambliss, John Hacker, Devon Goffman, Matt Faucher and the “Jersey Boys” company. Photo by Joan Marcus.

“Jersey Boys” celebrates the ever-vibrant tunes of music superstars, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, with great dance numbers and fast, witty humor, wrapped in the most American of stories – the spectacular rise first-generation immigrants to international fame and fortune. The Tony®grammys®, and the hit Olivier Award-winning musical recently wrapped up an incredible run in New York City that included 11 years on Broadway and five years off Broadway. She is now in her 15th touring season. On June 16, the show welcomed its 30 millionth worldwide guest at the Kennedy Center. (For more information, read the press release here.)

…a fun night at the theater for all ages with tunes you’ll be humming long after the curtain closes.

Four boy musicians from Jersey grow up together in a humble Italian neighborhood where they perform in a bowling alley, occasionally clash with the law, and occasionally find themselves serving brief stints in jail. Talent and relentless determination, however, ultimately bring the band’s success beyond their wildest dreams, albeit at a heavy price that includes broken relationships, troubled children, and dangerous dealings with the mob.

“Jersey Boys” is a demanding musical, but the cast proves to be equally adept at singing, dancing and performing. Justin Albinder’s (Frankie Valli) vocal range and impressive mix of the band might have you wondering if the real Frankie and the Four Seasons aren’t behind those microphones. As the story unfolds, audiences witness the triumphs and trials of individual band members interspersed with some of the band’s most beloved songs, such as ‘Walk Like a Man’, ‘Big Girls Don’ t Cry” and “My Eyes Adored You”. .”

Justin Albinder plays an ambitious Frankie Valli who rises to the heights of stardom but suffers personal setbacks when his marriage to Mary Delgado (Katie Goffman) ends in divorce and he tragically loses a daughter (Amy Coelho). Eric Chambliss plays a confident Bob Gaudio who knows he’s the driving force behind the band, and after many years in the business, happily retires to his yacht near Nashville. Devon Goffman takes on the role of Tommy DeVito, a likable character who leaves the band at the height of its fame, choosing instead to make amends with the kids he’s been absent from. Matt Faucher delivers a memorable performance as Nick Massi, the mob-bound hothead who finds a home in Las Vegas while the other band members pay off his rather large debts.

The two-level set (stage design by Klara Zieglerova) is connected to a staircase on either side, creating additional performance space that allows the story to unfold at a rapid pace. The band, led by musical director, Noah Turner, is located directly below the second level of the set, largely out of sight. The costumes are reminiscent of the era (Jess Goldstein costumes), a time when musical groups performed in matching suits and ties, and women’s options were limited to skirts and frills, whatever the occasion.

Whether “Jersey Boys” takes you down memory lane or serves as your introduction to the band, this musical guarantees a fun night at the theater for all generations with tunes you’ll be humming along long after the curtain closes.

Duration: 2h40 including an intermission.

“Jersey Boys” runs through June 26, 2022 at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20566. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

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