MADISON — Young people who want to learn more about acting and working behind the scenes to deliver a production can sign up for Summer Spotlight Camp.

James Clemens Theater presents camp May 31 through June 3 from 9 a.m. to noon on the Jets campus. This camp is open to all prospective students in grades two through nine.

“We are delighted to bring the camp back after two years without having it (due to COVID-19). This year would be our seventh year, but it’s actually our fifth camp,” said Amy Patel. Patel teaches drama to James Clemens.

The camp provides a fun and creative outlet to learn acting techniques, perform musical theater or learn skills to assist in technical theater behind the scenes. . . and put on a show at the end of the week.

“One of the fun things this year is that after doing camp for several years, many of our instructors who are now JCTheater students were campers when they were little! As they plan camp, I hear them say “That was so much fun” and “Are we going to do (fill in the blank) again?” I loved it.'”

Patel is very proud that Summer Spotlight Camp offers a technical track. “Not many drama camps do that; they offer theater or musical theatre, but a lot of young kids are interested in the set, costumes, lighting, props, sound, or hair/makeup, but they have no way of getting into it. involve,” she said.

Campers will have the choice to study:

* Acting – In small groups, campers will rehearse and act out a short scene.

* Musical Theater – In a medium sized group, campers will rehearse and perform a song from a Broadway musical.

*Technical Theater – In a small group, these campers will design, build and direct the technical elements of the show, including building sets, making costumes, securing props to “dress up” a set, lighting, sound and hair/makeup procedures to organize it.

“With our camp, while actor campers rehearse their scene, or musical theater campers rehearse their song, ‘tech’ campers record sound cues, learn how to operate lights, build or paint sets , to sew. . . all the behind-the-scenes work that brings the show to life. (Of course we don’t let them run saws),” Patel said.

Professor Michael ‘Clint’ Merritt will share his technical skills with the campers.

“Everyone will be performing – on stage or backstage – in our Spotlight Showcase for family and friends at noon on Friday, June 3 to show off what they’ve learned,” Patel said. “The final performance will last approximately one hour, followed by a pizza night for campers in the lobby.”

Registrations will close on May 9 or when “we run out. We are limiting the number of campers this year,” Patel said. Campers who register before the deadline will receive a t-shirt.

Camp fees are $75 per student, which includes daily snacks. To register, go to Send checks (payable to James Clemens High School) for payment to James Clemens, c/o Mr. Clinton Merritt, JCHS Theater Summer Camp 2022, 11306 County Line Road, Madison, AL 35756.

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