A brave punter was one of the rare group to bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars to win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and this bet paid off handsomely. The sports fan was on the Jaguars’ side in a key bet and in doing so managed to win $ 1 million in the National Sportsbook Championship by DraftKings.

Winner identified as tus0323

Of course, the winner has remained anonymous and all that is known is that their username is “tus0323”. The punter played a three-way game: the Denver Broncos +6.5 points in the first half against the Dallas Cowboys, the Jaguars by +14.5 points and the game between the Jaguars and the Bills within 49 points. All three were winning combinations, and the only thing that made this bet so daring was the fact that many expected the Bills to have a significant score. In the end, however, they didn’t even manage to get a touchdown.

By the time the fourth quarter began in the early NFL games, “tus0323” was already on the winning side as his $ 24,900 stake had already turned into $ 169,665.36. The participant’s total payout was $ 169,747.17, which means he provided almost all of the winnings. He (or she) keeps that money and the $ 1 million top prize.

Username “jetsr2cool” was the finalist, having bet almost twice as much during the event as the money put in by the winner ($ 63,100). However, “jetsr2cool” made do with a win of $ 139,641.03 and the second place check, valued at $ 250,000. The majority of the wins came from the Arizona Cardinals, who beat the San Francisco 49ers. Even though jetsr2cool led Friday night with three successful all-in bets, no parlay was included.

Finally, the top three ended with Grant Neiffer, a contributor to a site owned by the same parent company of NJ Online Gambling and known as Scores and Odds. Neiffer appeared on the Gamble On podcast at the start of the NFL season and managed to earn $ 109,478.06 in four parlay wins. He placed the bets under the name “gneiffer07” and his total combined with the extra $ 100,000 he got as the third placed bettor was $ 209,478.06.

The crowd was made up of professional players who could afford high stakes bets

During NFL Sundays, all sports betting in Vegas praises the fact that there is a lot of play-by-play cheering. The FanDuel sportsbook on the famous Meadowlands Racetrack, a brand that recently got a new identity in Pennsylvania, also reported massive game-by-game cheers and that could have been true at this Sunday Weehawken event in the shadow of Manhattan. .

But, even though dozens of punters watched the first half of the NFL action on Sunday at the Envue Hotel, the atmosphere was calm, which some considered a bit odd, considering that the bet on buy -in was $ 10,000 and the top prize was $ 1 million.

The reason the atmosphere was calm is that most of the attendees were professional players who had no trouble calling the stakes. In addition, they were aware that if their initial bet disappeared, they would have received a refund.

Johnny Avello, a DraftKings bookie, spoke to NJ Online Gambling while watching the first half of the first NFL games on Sunday and said it was the best option for keeping customers happy. While speaking about the low betting limits for many participants, which drew a lot of criticism on social media, Avello added that what happened on Friday had happened to everyone, which is why this particular decision has been taken.

Additionally, Avello understood that some punters’ plan was to go out on Saturday afternoon with a late entry if the top prizes seemed achievable. However, Saturday morning’s decision imposed a ban on this type of trafficking. He said that due to the decision to return the money to everyone, others could not be allowed to join at that time.

A limit on participants has been set to avoid overlapping

DraftKings upper limit on participants to avoid overlap has been set at 445; However, Avello acknowledged that the competition was a bit short, although remote entries were added in Virginia, West Virginia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Iowa, Wyoming, Tennessee and Colorado. According to official data, the final tally included 215 participants and is believed to have been higher had it not been for the last minute rule change on Saturday.

As DraftKings reported, New Jersey dominated the contest, as 35% of entrants were from that region. Pennsylvania was second at 18%, Colorado finished in the top three with 12% and Michigan at 11%.

At first, participants started with a bankroll of $ 5,000 and could keep whatever was left. If they ended up under $ 10,000, they got back $ 10,000. The bonus prizes for the best graduates were also to be retained. Those who finished between 21st and 25e got a bonus of $ 10,000, while the 10th place bonus was $ 25,000.

A daily confirmed negative COVID-19 test result was required by all participants in person. Results had to be obtained through an on-site testing provider, as results from other companies were not considered eligible.

The 2020 competition has been canceled due to the pandemic. DraftKings attempted such a contest in Jersey City in January 2019, but faced a lot of controversy, which is why so many changes had to be implemented this year. Some of these changes included lowering the top prize to $ 2 million (the previous top prize was $ 2.5 million), setting a time limit for bets as they had to be completed by 1 p.m. ET on Sundays and limited number of sports available. just the NBA, college football and the NFL.

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