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Cryptocurrency is moving from virtual exchanges to the gaming sphere as online casinos begin to accept digital currency. The move could result in lower participation rates for physical establishments as gamers turn to internet gaming due to the pandemic.

Notably, New Orleans-based Harrah’s now requires its guests to be vaccinated to play. It is the first US casino to impose new restrictions on customers as cases continue to rise across the country.

The game enters the cryptosphere

Gaming companies replicate the in-person luxury casino betting experience through virtual platforms. One of the benefits of going digital is the ability to accept and process payments with cryptocurrency. It also gives customers a greater incentive to gamble as they earn tokens which can easily be exchanged for popular coins like Bitcoin and ETH.

Additionally, companies are creating their own rewards system in which players earn native tokens and participate in a dividend pool. The more each player bets, the more native chips he receives. After a certain period of time, players receive shares of the casino’s income based on the number of native chips they hold.

One example is BTC365, a licensed casino created specifically for crypto holders. The platform accepts Bitcoin, ETH, and USDT, but also supports additional tokens such as Dogecoin. The Las Vegas experience is not lost, however, and players have access to everything that is available in a physical casino. Games like roulette and poker, as well as the possibility of playing on several tables at the same time.

Where these companies shine is by innovating the gaming experience and making it specific to cryptocurrency. These “crypto games” are designed with digital tokens in mind and are completely original. These games, along with the exclusive VIP and rewards systems, inspire players to play and accumulate their points.

This list of benefits could convince players to quit physical casinos altogether. And if that’s not enough, many gambling dens are heeding warnings from state governors and mayors to enforce stricter regulations. One example is Harrah’s in New Orleans which now requires guests to be vaccinated after statewide warrants are announced.

New Orleans Harrah’s Hotel and Casino Needs Covid Injections

News that a casino-required vaccination card would be the only way to get in came as the city announced tougher measures. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced the new restrictions for all businesses, including bars, restaurants and gyms. In addition, even larger open spaces where people congregate, such as fairgrounds and race tracks, would fall under the mandate.

However, the mandate also allows some flexibility under the new conditions. Guests can also present negative coronavirus test results to participate, as an alternative to the vaccine. The mandate covers any activity considered to be a “high risk of transmission” for persons over 12 years of age.

Many companies across the country require their employees to be fully immunized after the FDA granted approval for Pfizers vaccine. The news could convince more people to get vaccinated, which would allow them to access facilities requiring a vaccination record.

Specifically, many casinos currently require their employees to be vaccinated or pay for their own Covid-19 tests. The average cost of these uninsured tests ranges from $ 100 to $ 200, which would make it much cheaper to obtain a vaccination record.

Las Vegas is following suit

In Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak commented on the possibility of establishing mandates similar to those in New Orleans. In a statement, Governor Sisolak said that while he did not necessarily want tougher restrictions, they could be a possibility if vaccination rates do not increase.

Las Vegas is also seeing some casinos and events take matters into their own hands. The Life is Beautiful music and art festival recently announced that it will require a vaccination record or else access could not be granted.

A post on the event’s Twitter page detailed their decision:

“Our most important duty as festival hosts is to protect you and your music-loving peers every festival weekend,” the post read. “We are implementing additional measures for the 2021 festival to protect participants from COVID-19”

Of course, with the growing popularity of Toto sites, new scam sites are also appearing. One way to play it safe is to use Mukcheck.com which creates a database of legitimate sites, as well as those considered fraudulent. Also, there are no covid restrictions like at Harrah’s because the gameplay is fully online. This could be a new direction for gamers looking to escape the uncertainty of in-person gaming in the near future.

Limit restrictions with online play

For many of those who do not want to be vaccinated or who test negative for the coronavirus, there is another option that is growing in popularity. Asia based ‘TotoThe sites that host the biggest online casinos provide a way to play from home, with all the luxuries customers have come to expect.

Toto sites are secure and transparent, allowing users to create an account without the initial costs typical of most online services. The sites offer everything from blackjack and poker, to slots and sports betting. One popular feature that attracts many users is their high stakes bets called “Big Bang Betting”. Users can make a single big money bet and win big.

Toto also offers a control and play history so that users can see each other’s reputation in other casinos. This is called a player’s “accident history” and details all suspensions from other platforms. So gamers can play with peace of mind knowing that the site is taking care of eliminating scammers.

Benefits of using crypto for gambling

There are also several advantages to using crypto in high stakes transactions such as gambling. First of all, confidentiality is guaranteed, which protects players from fraud and unwanted attention. This is much more difficult to achieve in physical casinos. In addition, players remain anonymous and rest assured that their data is fully protected.

The security behind crypto is also a widely known benefit of cyber currency. Blockchain technology makes it very difficult to modify the database without the knowledge of a large part of the community. It also makes it easier to track any changes, however small, to their source. Crypto transactions provide peace of mind in an industry that moves huge sums of money on a daily basis.

Each transaction is also immediate, compared to winnings processing times in traditional casinos. Depositing and withdrawing a virtual wallet is also quick and easy and mainly avoids the fees and verification processes charged by banks. In particular, not dealing with legal institutions is also a huge advantage.

Because cryptocurrency is largely decentralized, it is not subject to the control of federal institutions. This means that taxes do not apply and there are never any hidden charges outside of a standard rate which is sometimes used depending on the exchange. This means that players can withdraw their winnings hassle-free and with the confidence that they will get exactly what they won.

When the dust of the pandemic settles, the gaming industry could see a big shift towards digital games. And as more players opt to bet with crypto, trust in virtual currency may convince more to join. Yet digital currency remains one of the safest and most transparent options for transactions in an industry where peace of mind and reinsurance mean everything.

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