Photo: Flint Chaney / Goodman Theater

“Three-Dimensional Theater” is the best way to describe the finale of Goodman Theater’s LIVE real-time streaming series, “I Hate It Here” from Chicago-based writing and director duo Ike Holter and Lili-Anne. Brown. The workflow was the final production of the Goodman LIVE series.

Using the latest live video technology, Goodman’s production team Christiana Tye and Gabe Hatfield literally broke the walls of the theater to create a holistic approach to directing. The entirety of the Goodman Theater and its surroundings became part of the staging.

“There is one thing Americans can agree on: that 2020 was not the best way to start a new decade,” says playwright Ike Holter. Director, screenwriter and actress Lili-Anne Brown, who also appeared in the cast, added that while the play was not directly about the COVID crisis and the devastating effects of the lockdown, it channeled all that rage and that frustration in an explosive production using spoken word, song and original music.

There are revealing scenes that reveal the schisms between today’s BLM movement, the LGBTQ + community, and today’s white liberals.

“I Hate It Here” is a revolutionary play and unlike anything Goodman has ever done. It is both sad and joyful.

Goodman Theater returns this summer with in-person performances from July 30 to August 29 with School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play. Visit for tickets and show times.