This undated file photo shows a notice attached to Kangwon Land Inc. in Jeongseon, some 200 kilometers east of Seoul, advising customers of its temporary closure due to the coronavirus outbreak. (Yonhap)

SEOUL, July 20 (Korea Bizwire)A recent study found that players who once frequented Kangwon Land, the country’s only casino open to locals, are now engaging in illegal gambling after it closed following the coronavirus outbreak.

Kim Yong-geun, a member of the Kangwon Land Addiction Management Center, and Hong Hye-mi, a researcher at Sungkyunkwan University, conducted one-on-one interviews with 20 addicts who have been staying near the casino for a long time.

These gambling addicts, including 11 men and nine women, have lived near Kangwon Land, located in Jeongseon, some 200 kilometers east of Seoul, for as little as 1 year and 6 months, or as long as 20 years. . .

All those interviewed said they were experiencing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

They lost their source of income after the closure of Kangwon Land.

The research team argued that drug addicts in similar situations are attracted to illegal online gambling using computers.

Online gambling, unlike Kangwon Land, is possible around the clock and players can bet larger sums of money, posing greater risk to players.

Gambling addicts have been found to struggle with severe depression and anxiety due to the spread of illegal online gambling and financial hardship.

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