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A regular article looking back at what was printed over 100 years ago in the Bristol Daily Courier. This week’s entry is from the April 5, 1920 edition of the newspaper.

The theater shit game is almost over

Four arrests were made during the Easter holidays in Bristol.

Three of the prisoners were charged with breaking into the Colonial Theater building and then staging a shitty game, while the fourth was named as drunk and disorderly.

The Three Italians, James Palermo, 307 Pond Street; Samuel Chaffer, 600 Wood Street; and Patsy Fields, 216 Franklin Street; were arrested after forcing their way into the colonial theater building yesterday and forming the core of a sizable shit play.

The officers took all three to police headquarters and they were heard by Judge Kraft. Each was found guilty and paid a fine and costs of $5.35 each.

John Roman, of Lafayette Street, was arrested while under the influence of alcohol. He got messy but not to the point of revealing where he bought the intoxicating drink. He was heard before Magistrate Kraft and found guilty. The penalty was $13.10.

An advertisement from April 5, 1920 edition of the Bristol Daily Courier:

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