The federal investigation and seizures are among a host of issues facing Hutchins, 67, of Lewiston, who once ran Hutchins Automotive, a successful auto parts store chain.

He and his companies face more than 20 lawsuits and judgments totaling more than $ 4 million, according to court records reviewed by The News.

In an affidavit and deposition, Hutchins said he faces millions of dollars in debt from failed business ventures.

During the deposition, Hutchins blamed his financial troubles on debilitating illnesses, employees he accused of robbing him of and finance companies who loaned him money at high interest rates.

“As long as I know him, John blamed all of his problems on other people,” Taylor said. “I’ve never seen him once take responsibility for his own expenses, his lifestyle, or the business decisions he’s made.”

A Hutchins company that owns the building where the Rapids Theater is located owes $ 1.5 million on the mortgage, and the property is valued at less than a third of that, Hutchins said in the July 10, 2020 deposition. .

Although he owns a 6,900 square foot house in Lewiston and a condominium in Florida, Hutchins said in testimony last year that his only source of income was Social Security. He said he did not own any stocks or bonds and had already cashed out his retirement accounts.