Despite the ongoing debate over loot boxes in the UK, EA believes there is still no consensus on whether or not they play.

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As the argument over what exactly loot boxes are rages around the world, EA says there is no consensus on whether they should be classified as gambling.

The argument surrounding loot boxes in video games has been raging for years at this point, and there is no end in sight. EA has been and continues to be at the center of it all as it makes a lot of money with the Mechanic. In particular, FIFA Ultimate Team. FUT packs are loot boxes, despite EA’s attempt to rebrand them as “surprise mechanics” because you open them without knowing what to expect inside. Not to mention the new feature of preview packs, of course.

Some countries have already made the decision to reclassify loot boxes as games of chance, forcing EA to change how FUT works in some regions. The most intense debate is currently taking place in the United Kingdom. As Eurogamer’s Wesley Yin-Poole pointed out in an interview with Chris Bruzzo, Experience Manager at EA, even the House of Lords is convinced that loot boxes should fall under gambling laws. silver.

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Faced with UK research ‘solidly verifying’ the link between loot boxes and gambling, Bruzzo claimed there was still no consensus on whether this was the case. or not. “In fact, there is no consensus at this stage on this subject. In Australia, France, Sweden, Denmark, all the regulators all said, no, we’re not going to regulate this under the gambling laws, ”Bruzzo pointed out.

It is exactly this point why there is no end in sight when it comes to whether loot boxes play or not. The law change has been made in countries like Belgium and the Netherlands, but as Bruzzo says, there are other countries where research and even lawmakers have decided otherwise.

All research on both sides continues to end in the UK, which is arguably where EA has the most to lose. While FIFA is a game that sells millions of copies worldwide, a large part of its player base resides in the UK. If the laws change and loot boxes fall under UK gambling laws, that would be a big blow to EA and how much money FUT makes each year.

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