Last week, the third brand story from tomato producer Schenkeveld premiered in theater 1 of the Pathé cinema in Delft. With the brand’s story, which is by no means an “ordinary” corporate film, the producers want to put a face to the company and connect people to it. “Anyone that resonates with, fits in with us,” said Richard Hartensveld in a quick word beforehand. “We want to continue the mentality of high performance sport.”

Joost Barendse, Richard Schenkeveld, Piet van der Wel and Richard Hartensveld, the board of directors of Schenkeveld were ready with popcorn for the premiere of Brand Story Three.

On the big screen
A brand story was also launched in 2019 and 2020. It was based at the time on the core values ​​of growth and optimization. This time, the emphasis was on cooperation. This is why this time not one, but several key players from all walks of life were present. They were also present last night to watch their acting performances on the big screen for the first time.

Last year, the movie two was scheduled to premiere in theaters, but COVID threw a wrench into the works. Looking back, it may have been a blessing in disguise, as it made the brand’s third story as big as it could possibly be. When asked if he could be even taller now, Richard responded with a laugh. “Haha, yes, maybe in the Kuip?” But seriously, it’s not necessary. You don’t always have to beat everything, do you?

Owning people in the picture
The reactions last night immediately following the screening of the brand’s third story were enthusiastic. The “actors”, including some schoolchildren who certainly “flashed” their cell phones when they appeared on the screen, enjoyed seeing each other again. The producers were “quite proud”.

Schenkeveld works a lot with students. The guys in the photo have had a role in this story or in previous brand stories.

And finally, the creators themselves, including not only MZ Producties but also Schenkeveld and the consultancy firm bQurius, with whom they work closely together, saw that what they had imagined was again captured in pictures. Showing the people behind the tomato growing business is the goal. And to recruit new people, of course. Striking brand stories should help with this. And probably new creative campaigns in the future, because Schenkeveld has taken a real liking to it. Richard said before everyone in the room started watching Fast & Furious 9. “They’ve got about six more movies I think.”

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