Differences of payday loans in a loan company and a bank

After the payday loan, we can go now not only to the bank, but also to the payday loan company. Before we decide on a specific offer, check the differences between these two lenders. Where better to take out a payday loan?

The payday loan allows us to get money for any purpose. We can take it to buy household appliances, we can spend the money to repay the current debt or go on a trip. A payday loan can take both the form of a payday payday loan and an installment payday loan. The first one is repaid in the short term, usually in one case, and the other in monthly, less frequent weekly installments.

Both cash payday loans at banks and non-banking companies are generally similar in terms of conditions in most cases, however, sometimes the differences are for some lenders. They are mainly based on the availability of payday loans , including on terms that we must meet.

Bank payday loan

A vast majority of us goes to the bank for a payday loan. We can get such a payday loan at a branch or via the internet – the latter option is intended mainly for regular customers who have an on-line bank account.

We need adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness to take a bank payday loan. These are checked on the basis of documents provided on income and in BIK and BIG databases. In the case of smaller amounts, it is possible to obtain a payday loan for a statement that does not require the delivery of a number of documents. When in the past we had difficulties in repaying debts, the bank would refuse to grant us a payday loan .

We have payday loans from several hundred to even several million zlotys – everything depends on our abilities and presented security measures, for example it may be a mortgage. We pay our payday loans in installments every month. Usually, the minimum repayment period is 3 months, while the maximum period can be up to 30 years depending on the amount you borrowed.

A payday loan in a payday loan company

In this case, we can get a payday loan both online and on-site. There is also a payday loan with housekeeping, that is, an employee of the payday loan company comes to the customer. We can also receive an on-line payday loan if we have not used the services of a given company before.

To obtain a non-bank payday loan we will first of all need a personal ID card. In many companies, this is where the requirements end. It is also possible to borrow without BIK, i.e. without checking in this database, but let us remember that such payday loans are very expensive. Currently, most payday loan companies check clients in databases and additionally require a permanent source of maintenance, for example in the form of a contract of employment, pension or retirement.

Most often, non-bank payday loans amount to smaller amounts. Short-term payday loans, i.e. payday loans taken for a maximum of one or two months, up to about PLN 5,000, but new customers can usually borrow less. In turn, a non-bank installment payday loan will allow us to borrow a larger sum – up to PLN 10,000. Then the repayment is extended for several years, so we can make the debt easier.