Flashpoint Batman is set to return in an all-new title, and new artwork reveals he won’t be the only one returning from 2011’s Flashpoint.

Flash point beyond reveals the return of one of DC Comics’ weirdest Supermen.

When Barry Allen, the Flash, traveled back in time to save his mother, he created the alternative Breaking point timeline, where all of our favorite DC heroes led different lives — or were other people entirely. For the Kryptonian Kal-El, he never grew up as a farm boy Clark Kent. Instead, his spaceship crashed in the heart of Metropolis, as opposed to the fields of Smallville, where he was captured by the US government and experimented on. As revealed by ComicBook.com, a cover for Flash point beyond #3 shows that Subject One (Kal-El) will return for the upcoming title.

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The covers of Flashpoint Beyond show fights from Project: Superman and Flashpoint Batman.


  • Art by XERMANICO
  • Cover by MITCH GERADS
  • Variant cover by XERMÁNICO
  • Cover variant 1:25 by DAVID MARQUEZ
  • $3.99 USD | 48 pages
  • ON SALE 05/17/22
  • The DC 2022 event continues! Thomas Wayne’s investigation of the Clockwork Killer goes awry when he’s confronted by a deadly alien invader known to the world as… Project: Superman? But what happened to the Kryptonian and Krypton in Flashpoint World? Will Thomas Wayne do what he must to stop Superman or has he changed? And what are these strange earthquakes now erupting through reality?

The artwork is a clear homage to the cover of Batman #612 directed by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. This issue was the fifth part of the iconic Batman: Hush storyline, featuring a battle between Batman and a mind-controlled Superman. However, Thomas Wayne and Subject One are quite different from Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent that most fans will recognize. According to the solicitation for the issue, Flashpoint Batman will come face-to-face with Subject One or Project: Superman in the series’ third issue, with the Kryptonian being described as a “deadly alien invader.”

Batman vs Superman cover of Batman: Hush.

Although Subject One hasn’t been seen much in the comics lately, Flashpoint Batman has been pushed further into the main multiverse in series like Batman (during writer Tom King’s run), infinite border and Justice League Incarnate. The last two titles saw Thomas Wayne join Justice League Incarnate alongside heroes like President Superman and Doctor Multiverse, but after succumbing to great obscurity in Justice League Incarnate #4, he was apparently killed by Darkseid. It was believed to have died previously, as was the case with “The Button” cross between Batman and the flash in 2017.

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Flashpoint Batman will direct Flash point beyondwhich should be launched with Flash point beyond #0 on April 5. the original Breaking point author Geoff Johns will return to pen the series alongside writers Jeremy Adams (the flash) and Tim Sheridan (Teen Titans Academy), with artists like Xermánico and Eduardo Risso contributing to the title. After issue 0, the series will last six limited issues, with Flash point beyond #3 and the cover of Project: Superman on sale May 17.

In addition to Flash point beyondDC also announced another major event for 2022: dark crisis. Get out of Justice League #75 – “Death of the Justice League” – the event will explore how legacy characters like Superman (Jon Kent) and Yara Flor (Wonder Girl) handle their own crisis event. While Flash point beyond launch in April, dark crisis kicks off with a special Free Comic Book Day issue on May 7, 2022.

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Source: ComicBook.com

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