Troy Aikman is, of course, not advocating breaking NFL rules. But he’s kind of defending Atlanta Falcons suspended receiver Calvin Ridley.

“I know the league takes gambling very seriously when players bet on plays, and that was indicative of the suspension he got,” said Aikman, the legendary Cowboys Hall of Fame quarterback. from Dallas in the news now as he moves up from No. 1. 1 analyst status at Fox Sports to take over ESPN’s “Monday Night Football.”

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“Other suspensions” in the NFL can relate to a number of heinous infractions. In Ridley’s case, he’s out for at least the 2022 season because he was caught betting games in 2021 – a fact that caused the ‘good-Faith’ Falcons to pull out of a trade Ridley in February with the Philadelphia Eagles.

During an interview with TMZ, Aikman obviously didn’t condone Ridley’s choice; Ridley himself tried to make it clear that this is an exaggerated problem, because Ridley tweeted“I bet $1500 in total; I don’t have a gambling problem.”

It is well established, and for obvious reasons, that NFL players are not allowed to bet on games. But it’s these other NFL crimes that make Aikman say this suspension “seems like a huge amount.”

And there is something more. In the eyes of many, he also seems rather hypocritical to the league.

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Indeed, Aikman mentioned how harsh this suspension can seem because gambling is such a big part of today’s game – at least as far as those who can do it within the rules are concerned.

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Said Aikman: “That seems a little too much in the current climate, mainly because there was a time when the NFL was totally against legalizing gambling at football games. And now it’s a big part of the NFL’s revenue stream.

“On one side you have the league encouraging everyone to play, and yet here Calvin Ridley is suspended for an entire season.”

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