While some are encouraging Twitch to ban the way people can talk about gaming, Cornnia Kopf thinks the bans will likely lead to a slippery slope.

After Tic Moving to limit the mention of certain gaming sites on her platform, streamer Corinna Kopf thinks the site is on a slippery slope and that eventually there will be performers who “can’t do anything”. While Twitch’s ban on gambling has mostly been welcomed by high-profile streamers like Pokimane, Kopf is among those who make a living from gambling and seems concerned about what might come next.


Game streams have been a contentious topic on Twitch for the past few weeks, particularly following an admission by streamer Sliker that he cheated his audience out of thousands of dollars in order to help pay his debts. This admission set off something of a chain reaction that saw the Amazon-owned site attempt to take action to ensure that a situation like Sliker’s never happened again.

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In the wake of the ban, streamers like xQc have come forward and admitted they know game streams are “fake”. But that doesn’t mean everyone agrees. Kopf appears to be leading the charge against the ban and warning that Twitch is going too far in naming certain sites and services that cannot be discussed on its platform.

Kopf broadcast its own live stream and said that if Twitch could ban gaming streams, it wouldn’t be long before the site would start taking action against other “unhealthy” habits. She then blamed the “softness” of some Twitch viewers for the site putting in place the kind of measures it has put in place since game streams started getting so much negative attention.

Corinna Kopf is certainly no stranger to controversy, but this time around she’s less directly involved in the matter and apparently feels like she might be suffering some sort of collateral damage. “Everyone is so sweet these days,” she said on her stream. “You are influenced to do so many things that are not good for you financially, physically and mentally every day.” She then went on to say that she thinks that sooner or later streamers won’t be able to smoke or drink on their shows because someone is worried that it will unduly influence their viewers.

Kopf went on to say that she believes it should be the player’s “decision” whether or not to play or talk about gaming on their channel. She doesn’t believe that Tic should do everything possible to stop talking about the subject altogether.

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