HONOLULU (KHON2) — Tuesday, February 1 is the Lunar New Year, and in Chinese culture it becomes the Year of the Tiger… the Water Tiger to be exact.

And if you’re still looking for a way to celebrate, the Hawaii Theater will be hosting its first in-person event in 2022 called the Lunar New Year Celebration with the Phoenix Dance Chamber.

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KHON2 caught up with Phoenix Dance Chamber President Ivy Hsu to find out more.

The Phoenix Dance Chamber will kick off the celebration on Tuesday.

KHON2 asked Hsu: what should people expect?

“So we’re going to perform our traditional Chinese dances and that will be followed by a screening of the Picture Bride feature film,” Hsu said. “And this is just the first live event to kick off an entire month of other virtual events that will be hosted by the Hawaii Theater.”

During the Lunar New Year celebration, the Phoenix Dance Chamber will share Chinese dances that some might think are more like Chinese New Year. So, to clear things up, KHON2 asked: What’s the difference between the two?

“I think we call it Chinese New Year because there are, of course, a lot of Chinese people here in Hawaii. But Lunar New Year is also celebrated by other cultures,” Hsu explained. Southeast Asian countries, Korea, Central Asia, and they have different customs to celebrate the New Year, just like Chinese culture has our firecrackers and our Chinese dance and our lion dance and those things. So, each type of culture has different customs for the Lunar New Year.

KHON2 also wanted to know what Hsu will be sharing at the event and what those things symbolize behind their performances.

“For our dances that we are going to perform, there will be Han folk dances, classical dances. I really think any type of dancing and liveliness is good symbolism for the new year because you want the new year to be lively, you want energy to flow in, you want noise so you can ward off evil , and you really want bright colors, things like that, which symbolize good fortune for the new year.

Ivy Hsu, president of the Phoenix Dance Chamber

The Phoenix Dance Chamber was able to show KHON2 how to open their fans.

“So you’re going to hold the first two ribs and then you’re just going to reach out. Nice. Or you can start from the end and you can put it back up,” said one of the Phoenix Dance Chamber staff.

People can watch the pros for themselves during the Lunar New Year celebration next week on Tuesday, February 1, at 6 p.m.

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