Chinese authorities continue to work with their foreign counterparts to crack down on illegal casinos that target nationals. A police raid on the Cambodian capital last week resulted in a brief shooting and 200 people were arrested.

Police raid in Phnom Penh results in 200 arrests

Illegal activities, including gambling, continue to flourish in Cambodia as Chinese and Cambodian law enforcement agencies work together to dismantle criminal groups. A similar joint operation in Phnom Penh, the capital and most populous city of Cambodia, on Friday led to asset seizures and arrests related to illegal gambling, cryptocurrency scams and sex trafficking.

More than 200 people were detained in a closed compound, with many Vietnamese and Chinese nationals apprehended as accomplices or victims of the illegal operations. Police officers were gunned down as they tried to enter the compound run by various Chinese criminal groups, according to reports.

News of the raid coincided with a report from Reuters, which interviewed victims of trafficking in Cambodia and found that people were being forced to comply with the criminals’ demands, which included creating fake social media profiles to trying to lure people into online gambling and various cryptocurrency scams.

Many victims of the organizations were low-income people who were tempted by the prospect of making a quick buck but once sucked into the organization, and they were not allowed to leave for fear of leaving tips. to the police.

China continues to target criminals wherever they are

China has been particularly sensitive to overseas operations targeting its nationals and has pledged to prosecute criminals beyond its national borders with and without the help of local governments. As recently as last week, China imposed a total of $ 900 million in penalties on ten people for facilitating illegal gambling.

Cambodia plays a special role in this struggle, as the country was seen as a vector of underhanded play where many illegal operations thrived. This forced China to pressure Cambodia to suspend its iGaming industry over fears the country would not be able to crack down on underhand transactions.

Cambodia finally agreed to ban online casinos as China threatened economic sanctions and halt investment in the country. Less than a month after the ban, around 200,000 Chinese nationals had left the country. However, the suspension of the regulated gaming industry had a similar negative effect as it allowed underground organizations to thrive and move into a market that was now devoid of suitable options to meet demand.

In August, Thailand arrested eight men trying to enter Cambodia. According to a Khmer Times report, people were looking to work at an illegal online casino in Poipet. The number of illegal immigrants still flocking to Cambodia is unknown.