The Nardini mansion, known as the ‘Jewel of the West’, has reopened for weddings and events after a ten-year closure.

The quaint, white two-story house can be seen driving south from Jackrabbit Road on I-10 just before Hickman’s Egg Co. on the east side of the road.

The venue has welcomed returning guests this year and has 25 events booked for 2022.

“It would be so sad if there was never a wedding here again,” said Christa Esquibel, Nardini Manor’s events manager.

“This place is totally built for weddings. It is made for those magical days. It is magic. Sometimes you feel like you’re not even in Buckeye, let alone Arizona. This place really has that ability.

The Nardini Mansion, located at 5601 S. Jackrabbit Trail, was established by Reverend Ralph H. and Edna Fields in 1910, the same year the neighboring Arizona Eastern Railway tracks were laid. Construction on the house took two years and was completed the same year Arizona became a state, in 1912.

Thomas and Kay Nardini restored the house in 1975, adding the north and south wings of the house, manicured hedges – including a maze – gardens, fountains, sculptures and other features throughout the property.

In 1990, a fire severely damaged the interior. After losing his wife, Thomas sold the property in 1991 to a local couple, Rodger and Tana Wrublik.

After an 11-month restoration, the Nardini mansion is reborn. Esquibel said he tried to incorporate authentic period features, including the 1910 parquet recovered from the neighboring Liberty School building.

The mansion closed to the public for 10 years so the couple could focus on their family. The Wrubliks then decided to bring in Esquibel in the hope of hosting a farmers’ market. However, Esquibel said she had more ambitious plans for the venue.

“They approached me to do a farmers market here and I asked them if I could go ahead and bring back weddings and they were pretty excited to see that happen,” she said.

“It has been a very good response so far. I think people are really excited not only because it’s a private and lush wedding venue, it’s also very green and gardenesque. People are excited about that, but also because it’s in the West Valley and there really aren’t that many sites in the West Valley.

Esquibel added that she looks forward to the future of the place, especially as the city continues to grow and more people are drawn further west.

“Now that Buckeye is one of the biggest and fastest growing cities in Arizona, or even the country, it’s just great to be able to bring it back now that there’s been so much growth.” and it’s a lot closer for people now, “she said.

Nardini Manor has a Disneyland or “Alice in Wonderland” vibe. Esquibel said there is one element that sets the place apart.

“I like everything but the maze is probably the most unique part,” she said.

“You’re not really going to find a maze that isn’t made of corn in a lot of other places. So it’s really cool that it stays green all year round and it’s just a fun element that makes your wedding unique. I came to an event here, a wedding, when I was in seventh grade, and I’ve remembered it all my life because I don’t think you can go to a wedding with a maze without it. memory.

Looking towards the New Year and the future of the Nardini Mansion, Esquibel said she wanted to bring her farm animals to the site. Most of all, she said she was thrilled to be a part of her growth and future success.

“I just want to keep doing weddings and events, corporate parties, proms and things like that here because I’ve always loved doing unique events and things, holiday events and parties. stuff like that. I hope we are full every weekend from now until when I want to retire, ”she said.

Visits to Manoir Nardini are by appointment only. For more information visit, or dial 602-703-7154.

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