TYLER, Texas (KLTV) – Employees at Lighthouse for the Blind attended a performance of The Lion King Jr. Friday morning using an audio device.

With one ear, they could hear the music and what was being said on stage. In the other ear, they heard a voice describing things that could not be heard, but seen.

“If you can hear me, please raise your hand, test the sound 1-2-3.” “

Prior to the performance at the Tyler’s Caldwell Auditorium, Alicia Lansford, did a soundcheck to make sure Lighthouse for the Blind employees could see the show by hearing her voice.

“We’re using a device where I’ll actually describe some of the physical actions on stage so that they get the full impact of the story the same way you or I would with the vision,” she said.

The device is nothing more than an audio transmitter associated with several receivers tuned to the same frequency.(Blake Holland / KLTV)

Norman Armstrong of Lighthouse for the Blind said he has used these devices in theaters before. It is nothing more than an audio receiver that allows him to hear what is transmitted by the person describing the show.

Say for example it was dinner time in the movie where the descriptive audio would say on the table is fried chicken with steam going up, so you know that would give the person a visual in mind. by description in your ear. ”

Armstrong said he offered the visually impaired an opportunity, instead of what could be a challenge.

“He’s got it in the year of the famous movie scene,” Lansford said during one of the scenes.

“These are just visual clues, that if you couldn’t see it with your vision, you wouldn’t know it was part of the movie,” she said.

Thanks to his voice, blind and visually impaired people were able to see the show. And they’re hoping devices like the one in use today will become the norm in East Texas, providing accessibility for everyone.

“I know Austin is very committed to making things blind friendly, and that’s what we want Tyler to be,” Lansford said.

Lighthouse for the Blind was established in 1976 to meet the needs of the blind and visually impaired. Their mission is to empower blind people through rehabilitation, training and employment, leading to a completely independent lifestyle.

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