DENISON, Texas (KXII) – Black History Month is underway here in Texoma, and on Tuesday Grayson College held its annual Black History Month program as part of the Festival of the Month events. of Black History from the Bowie Foundation.

“It’s important because our young people.. we were teenagers then.. our young people need to see the importance of getting involved”, Founder of the Bowie Foundation said Barbara Bowie.

At Grayson College’s Black History Month event on Tuesday night, Barbara Bowie received the Living Legend Award for her history and upbringing during her lifetime.

Bowie became involved in the civil rights movement at the age of 13 by attending meetings of the Mississippi Freedom Riders.

“I think it’s important that not only our children but also people get to know them, see them, because you understand that we are still alive, so it hasn’t been that long since we fought for our rights in the civil rights movement,” Bowie said.

Bowie founded the Bowie Foundation which offers after-school and summer performing arts programs, multiple services for youth and their families, and educational and community events, such as Tuesday Night.

“We bring to the community several events related to the history of the civil rights movement,” Bowie said.

Four of the original members of the Mississippi Freedom Riders will travel to Texoma on a Greyhound bus on Thursday and tour Grayson County for three days.

Anyone can take the bus for 10 cents.

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