Bulls legend Michael Jordan once revealed his horrific mental health issues before his first retirement

Some may doubt it, but Michael Jordan is indeed the GOAT.

As you probably already know, his basketball acumen has been absolutely prodigious throughout his career, to the point that decades later, someone still hasn’t convincingly replaced him.

But, along with the man’s talent as a basketball player, also come his playing habits.

MJ wasn’t one to play it safe with his money. On the contrary, he was so fond of taking other people’s money that he often risked losing millions. And at some point in his career, specifically, after the completion of his first-ever hat-trick, his habits may have started to become a major cause for concern for him.

Let’s go, okay?

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Michael Jordan admits to having nightmares about a horrific future ahead of him

Considering how much money he has, it would be the understatement of the century to say that MJ has a few rich habits. He drinks expensive spirits, smokes Cuban cigars and, of course, often likes to put his money in his mouth. And apparently, during a very bad period of his life, it also gave him very specific nightmares.

Here’s what Michael Jordan had to say about it, according to Essentially Sports.

I’m an alcoholic in the dream, and because of that, all the things I’ve worked so hard for are going to be taken away from me. I wake up numb from these dreams. These are the kind of dreams you want to wake up to, because they bother you so much.

We couldn’t be happier to say his nightmares weren’t grounded in reality. After all, he is now a billionaire.

But still, it puts into perspective a very important point that we as fans are often prone to overlook. Athletes also have mental health issues, and we need to be more careful about how we deal with them.

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