One of the perks of being a songwriter these days is the vast amount of resources available at your fingertips. Here are some useful tools to make every songwriter’s job easier.

by LEXI SCATENE from the Lyric Studio blog

Just like building a house or painting a portrait, you need tools to create a song! Our brain can’t do much until we hit a wall. There is absolutely no shame in “calling a friend” or using resources to break down these blockages! Here are the five best songwriting tools that saved us during our creative process this year:


LyricStudio is a lyric writing assistant, where songwriters find inspiration and overcome writer’s block. As the world’s best lyric inspiration engine, it provides endless lyric suggestions tailored to your unique style. It’s like a co-writer, or having someone else in the studio to trade bars with. LyricStudio also offers an advanced thesaurus and rhyming dictionary, and lets you collaborate with other writers.


As the industry’s highest quality royalty-free sample library, Splice gives you access to millions of sounds created by professional artists, producers, and sound engineers. You might be wondering, “How can Splice help me as a songwriter?” Sometimes all it takes is a beat or a loop to inspire your creativity.

digital audio workstation

Wondering where you put those Splice samples? Introducing the DAW! “DAW” stands for “digital audio workstation”, the software you use to record, produce and edit your audio.

On a primary level, there aren’t many significant differences between different DAW brands, as you can make music on all of them. Although some offer different features, you really won’t know which works best for you until you test it out.

Band Lab, Garage Band, Audacity, Pro Tools First, and Ableton Live Lite are great DAWs to use if you just have an idea of ​​what it’s like to produce music. If you want to invest more in a DAW, buying Logic Pro X, Ableton or Pro Tools is your best bet.

Voice recording app

Imagine you’re freestyling a tune or a hook, but you’re so deep in the zone that you can’t remember the exact heat you spit out. Having a voice recording app ready to go before you start writing will help you keep track of all your ideas in real time. If you have a smartphone, you can use the free built-in voice recording app.

Which songwriting tools do you prefer? Let us know in the comments.