BELTON, Texas – The Beltonian Theater has been a staple in the Central Texas area for decades, serving as a concert hall and movie theater – but this Halloween you can experience it in a whole new light.

The theater is in the process of being transformed into a haunted house and employees claim that there are real haunts taking place there. A tragic event over 50 years ago now draws people in for a good scare.

“The Beltonian Theater is haunted and we want to show it to people,” says owner Zechariah Baker.

Employees at the historic building say the theater is haunted by the spirit of 13-year-old Mary.

“Mary was hit by a car on the steps of the Beltonian just over 65 years ago. She is the main spirit that haunts the Beltonian Theater, ”said Baker.

Baker says he hopes that by hosting this haunted house, Mary will remove all of her scares from her system.

“She is very jealous. She died at the age of 13 and did not have the opportunity to experience life. So she’s angry and jealous, and she sees people coming to the Beltonian and having a good time and having a good time, and that just makes her more powerful and angrier, ”Baker said.

For those who don’t want to have nightmares all night long, they offer a kid-friendly alternative.

“We’re getting as close as possible to scare you, scary as that may be,” Baker said. “We’re not going to actively scare the kids, the lights will come on a bit, the music won’t be so loud. It’s basically like a show-and-tell of some scary stuff.

All profits from the haunted house go directly to the maintenance of the more than century-old building.

“I like giving money back to this old theater, and it needs maintenance being so old. And so, I really like to make things better and provide my guests with a better experience as much as possible, ”said Baker.

The adult experience now runs through Halloween night, and the kid-friendly experience will take place this weekend in the afternoon.

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