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VIJAYAWADA: Efforts should be made to translate the literary works of prominent Indian writers into Telugu in order to expose Andhra Pradesh readers to the culture and history of other parts of the country, the governor said on Saturday Biswa Bhusan Harichandan.

Virtually inaugurating the 32nd Vijayawada Book Festival, the governor said the event provides a platform for book enthusiasts and enthusiasts to come together and browse over three lakh books in English, Hindi and Telugu by 200 publishers from inside and outside the state. Harichandan called on all parents to instill the habit of reading in their children.

“As a writer and book lover, I urge all parents to instill the habit of reading books in children from an early age, which will enable them to acquire the knowledge as they grow older. “said the governor.

Himself a voracious reader and author of patriotic literature in Odiya, the governor recalled his days in prison during the state of emergency, which he said provided him with resources to write books such as Rana Pratap, Maru Bataas , Manasi, etc.

Expressing his joy for the library that the Vijayawada Book Festival Society has maintained for 18 years, Harichandan said libraries have played a vital role in the struggle for freedom and have helped freedom fighters spread the message of independence. and to move the movement forward for its purpose. The festival, organized by the Society, takes place at the PWD (Swaraj Maidan) grounds in the city until January 11.

Velampalli Srinivas, Minister of Endowments, Malladi Vishnu, MP for Vijayawada Central, R. Bhagya Lakshmi, Mayor of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation, Manohar Naidu, President, Vijay Kumar, EMESCO, and the coordinator of Vijayawada Book Festival Society, attended the ceremony inaugural.

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