One youngster said: “I gamble every day, usually at least £5 which can leave me with not enough money. It’s a bad habit. »

Developed by the Health and Social Care Alliance (ALLIANCE), Fast Forward and Young Scot, the research involved a survey of 545 young people in Scotland, who shared their thoughts on gambling and gambling – how often they gamble and if they think young people should have say about gambling and betting laws and regulations.

The research highlights the impact gambling has on young Scots and their desire to influence policy and law on gambling and similar games in Scotland.

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New research has highlighted the link between video games and gambling

ALLIANCE Director of Development Sara Redmond said: “Young people are harmed by gambling. They are exposed to gambling advertisements from a

young age, which can have a lasting impact on their participation in gambling later in life.

“The voices of young people have been clear; more action is needed. They have demonstrated a clear desire to lead this change, to make their voices heard and to have an influence on these issues and how they affect young people in Scotland.

“We need to continue to work with them to make sure the solutions are designed with them, not for them.”

Some of the key findings include almost a quarter of respondents, 24%, said they had participated in a gambling activity in the past 12 months, 39% of people aged over 18 and 28% aged 16-18. and 12 years old. % under 16 years old.

A quarter, 25%, of respondents who gambled in the past 12 months said their game had affected them.

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Most of the young people who took part – 92% – said they had played a video game in the past 12 months, while 60% admitted to opening a loot box – an in-game feature that gives players access to rewards.

Advertising was identified as the biggest similarity between video games and gambling, with more than a third, 36%, of young people saying it’s “very” similar.

Young Scot’s Director of External Relations, Reid Aiton, said: “The results of our recent survey with Fast Forward and the ALLIANCE give us useful insight into the number of young people who participate in gambling activities and the impact it has on their lives.

“At Young Scot, we work hard to help young people change the system and influence by sharing power with organizations and tackling society’s toughest challenges.

“We are delighted that over 540 young people have given their time and participated in this research. We are also inspired to see that almost 85% said young people in Scotland should be supported to have a say in the laws regarding games of chance and similar games of chance game features.

Allie Cherry-Byrnes, CEO of Fast Forward, added: “A quarter of respondents said they had been affected by their own gambling and a third of those close to someone who gambled regularly said it had worried them.

“Further research is needed to better understand the concerns of children and young people and to ensure that appropriate resources and support are available to them.”