Facebook has faced an amended complaint from more than two dozen consumer complaints about its involvement in an alleged “illegal internet gambling business.”

The original class-action lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in April, which accused Facebook of acting through so-called “social casinos” to “smuggle slot machines into slots. consumer homes nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

He called out the social media giant for making an ‘authentic Vegas’ experience available to players anywhere and anytime, but said that’ unlike slots in Las Vegas, social casinos don’t do not allow players to cash in their chips “.

The complaint cited a PBS NewsHour report that used leaked documents to show how a social casino’s VIP system tracks players by their Facebook credentials, closely monitors their play, and then pushes them to keep spending.

This latest development aims to consolidate all actions against Facebook into a single “main” complaint. Similar cases have also been brought against Apple and Google, with the court ruling similarly.

He said: “There is no basis to conclude that consolidating all the shares in each particular set would cause inconvenience, delay or expense, especially when all of the complainants agree with the consolidation request.

“Accordingly, some consolidation is appropriate, and requests to consolidate actions for the purpose of pre-qualification under Rule 42 (a) (2) are GRANTED to the extent that (i) Facebook actions are consolidated on with each other, (ii) the Apple shares are consolidated with each other and (iii) Google shares are consolidated with each other. “

The court went on to say that this decision aims to streamline the process by creating a “leadership structure for plaintiffs’ lawyers.”