The partnership, which allows theaters to combine for 200 to 350 acts per year, will help usher in a new era of theater in Akron.

In June, the Akron Civic Theater helped usher in a new era of theater and programming by announcing its collaboration with the Goodyear Theater, a partnership that allows the two separate but beloved facilities to expand their theatrical offering. For Akron Civic Theater executive director Howard Parr, the collaboration is designed to help Akron grow as a theatrical destination. “It allows us to bring more programming to the market,” says Parr.

While the Akron Civic Theater continues to book for this and next year, the Goodyear Theater can serve as an auxiliary theater that can accommodate everything from ballet performances to graduation ceremonies and beer festivals. Parr estimates that the two theaters should combine for 200 to 350 acts per year. The Goodyear Theater began hosting performances on August 15. “We’re having more conversations, with agents, promoters and artists (about) the possibilities we can bring to Akron,” says Parr.

The two theaters – which are located about three and a half kilometers apart – combine to hold nearly 4,000 people, as well as suite and club seating. “(We have) the opportunity to bring the most diverse range of acts to Akron,” said Parr.