With nearly every Phase 4 movie and show announced in the past few months, it’s obvious Kevin Feige is looking to continue with the MCU for the indefinite future. Given the success of the MCU, this is not surprising. New shows, new movies, and new characters have already been announced, indicating that Feige and the rest of Marvel are planning for the future, Phase 5 and beyond.

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However, the MCU’s final ending is rarely seen among MCU fans. If Marvel really wanted to end at the top, Phase 5 would be the perfect phase for them to end, as it would seemingly be near, or perhaps, at the top of the MCU. For some fans this would be a great place to end this beloved universe while for others this idea is nothing more than silly.

ten Should Stop: Spider-Man Might Not Be Part of the MCU’s Future

Spider-Man is a behemoth of the Marvel Universe, arguably his most popular character in all of his assets. While fans have already had two MCUs Spider Man movies so far, and another for Phase 4, Spider-Manof time in the MCU seems to be drawing to a close. Unless another deal between Sony and Marvel comes through, it looks like Spider-Man will return to Sony Pictures cut off from the MCU again.

For many fans, Spider-Man is a mainstay of the MCU, and not having him in future films, interacting with other heroes, would therefore be a deciding factor. Therefore, continuing with the MCU after Phase 5 without Spider-Man would be incomplete.

9 Should continue: it would not make sense from a story point of view to simply “complete” a universe

Iron Man and Captain America conclude their stories at the end of Endgame

If Marvel were planning on ending the MCU, that would have to involve a lot of hand shaking. Because they put so much time and effort into creating a universe, they should wrap up each character’s story, leaving them in a great place that fans would like. Essentially, every hero should heroically die or shoot a Steve Rogers.

It would be too much work and it would make no sense to conclude everyone’s story. Ending all of this in phase 5 would be a daunting task.

8 Should stop: Marvel apparently has a monopoly on the film industry

Example of Marvel films and their monopoly on the film industry

Simply put, Marvel movies are, and will continue to be, huge hits. These films have gotten so big that they could become a problem down the line. Since Marvel will be releasing many more superhero movies in the near future, a box office saturation of superhero movies could occur.

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It may be an exaggeration, but it is a possibility. wonder the movies may not be the best for the movie franchise, as they will make the genre of film as a whole less diverse.

7 Should Continue: More and More Stories to Explore

Various contemporary Marvel Comic storylines that could be adapted into the MCU in the future

Marvel Comics has no shortage of interesting stories, so the source material will never run out for the MCU. More, wonder knows how to hire talented writers for their shows and movies, so there will always be new and exciting stories to tell in the future.

The MCU doesn’t have to worry about running out of ideas. For this reason, ending the MCU without first exploring these stories would be a disgrace to fans and creators.

6 Should stop: fans may feel exhausted in the future

Iron Man 2, Thor 3, and Avengers 2 are movies that seem a bit repetitive in terms of story

With so many Marvel movies to come, viewers might be a bit tired in the phases to come. This doesn’t mean that the quality of movies will decrease, but rather that too much good stuff can turn into bad stuff. The situation is analogous to reading a single comic book series continuously for years. Fans might be fed up with this universe and hungry for something new and different.

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So making more films and shows can seem like a drag. Everyone knows this series that had one too many seasons or this series of films that had one too many sequel. Marvel should try to avoid this.

5 Should Continue: Many Characters Have Yet To Make Their MCU Debut

Marvel characters who haven't made their MCU debut yet

There are so many great, exciting characters in the Marvel Universe who have yet to make their MCU debut. Comic book fans want to see live versions of their favorite heroes. Forgotten niche heroes may also have their chance to shine. For this reason, ending the MCU prematurely or not at all might disappoint some fans.

New shows and movies that revolve around lesser-known characters not only spice up the movie roster but also promote their comics. It’s a win-win for fans and Marvel.

4 Should stop: if it doesn’t stop in phase 5, when is it supposed to stop, if at all?

Loki from the Thor films throughout the MCU timeline

If Marvel doesn’t stop at Phase 5, when exactly should the company leave it? Should the MCU last forever? While this is fine, it might be a little unrealistic. Shows and movies cost a lot of money and require a lot of resources, so expecting Marvel to keep streaming these high-quality movies and shows forever isn’t going to happen.

Marvel needs to think long term, very long term, about what exactly the future of the MCU will look like. Should they end when they’re at the top or continue until they’re in the trenches?

3 Should Continue: The MCU Has A Dedicated Fan Base That Shouldn’t Be Ditched

Iron Man protects his fan from Iron Man 2

The MCU has attracted a dedicated global fan base over the years. These fans are the lifeblood of Marvel. They buy the merchandise, visit theme parks, read the comics, and watch the movies and shows. Ending the MCU would disappoint those fans, making it seem like Marvel was abandoning them.

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Due to the scale of the MCU’s fandom, ending the MCU could be a disastrous decision. Fans could become irritated with Marvel, which could ultimately lead to problems for the company.

2 Should stop: future phases would make it difficult for new fans to participate

Disney Plus Marvel Shows Who Needs Background Context

At its core, the MCU is a big cinematic story. And so, to understand the whole story, fans have to start from the beginning. In order to keep up with new content being produced, fans should familiarize themselves with all movies and shows released before this time. It is a huge and daunting task that can seem a bit daunting for newcomers.

For Phase 6 and beyond, in order for new fans to acclimatize to the universe, they would need to watch 5 or more Phases of Movies and TV Shows. At this point, fans should devote a month, maybe more, to watching the Marvel movies. As great as the MCU is, it’s not friendly to newcomers, which could become a problem for Marvel in the future.

1 Should Continue: The MCU is still going strong, so they should keep the momentum going

Avengers Endgame

The MCU is going strong and there is no indication that it is going to slow down. With that in mind, it would be a little foolish to call him right now. The MCU is still relatively young, so it needs more time to develop and develop. The entire franchise builds on the momentum of End of Game, and so they should continue to use this to their advantage.

Marvel and the MCU are in their prime, so fans can rest assured that this universe and its characters aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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