When you think of science fiction, you always tend to think of heroes, villains, action, and their supernatural powers and weapons. But many sci-fi works like comic books and movies are also strongly associated with gambling, betting, and video slot games.

When we talk about gambling and betting in comic books, sci-fi movies or series, people always refer to Batman. But these stories aren’t the only ones holding the fort together. If you’re a sci-fi and gaming fan, we can show you how the two things have been working together for a long time now. There is more. Let us dive.

  1. Psychopathic Gambler – Gambler

It’s the story of a player named Jin-Goo, who possesses supernatural abilities to see past objects. What does this power do? It is one of the best manga that revolves around betting and gambling. He has a keen interest in poker and other gambling games. But he starts losing a lot of money on bets when he starts betting on things that are beyond his influence and control. He loses track and fails to come up with a strategy. Don’t become like Jin-Goo and strategize and plan better when you start your gambling game.

  1. Two faces: a dark story

The Batman story always comes to mind when we talk about betting and gambling. But Batman’s Two-Face story is one of the most interesting in gambling. One side of this man’s face was burned with acid and he became one of the best villains in science fiction history. He uses a lucky coin to play all of his gambling matches because he believes “chance” is the only form of justice. His face and the coin are signifiers of this luck, as are most games of chance and betting.

  1. DC Superman and the Game War

In the 1930s-40s there was huge widespread negativity surrounding the game and how it destroyed the world. The main idea was to prevent “suicidal” players from losing everything on bets. These games have always been seen in a negative light, and that’s when Superman emerges as the savior. He saves the world and its inhabitants from these destructive games. The only way not to go this route is to learn about games from experts before you start playing.

  1. kakegurui

Kakegurui is a unique story of students at a Japanese school that only accepts wealthy students. But no student goes to class in this school. They bet their family fortune against other wealthy students. If they win, they graduate, but once they lose, they become slaves to other students. But there is a student called Yumeko who is an expert in the game. He uses his skills to change this system and bring a new, fair system to the school.

This also became a very successful TV anime in Japan. You can watch it for great game tips.

If you had the chance, which of these sci-fi books or games of chance would you want to be a part of? Whether online or offline, casinos are always a great hub for stories, plot twists, and drama. So if you want to be a part of this drama, you can take inspiration from these heroes and villains and learn a few tricks of their trade before you start betting.

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Written by ChrisPosted on 2022-08-26 14:50:28