3 features that yes or yes should have your next savings account

Peruvians have never been great savers, but in recent years this has begun to change. People are understanding that saving is a fundamental habit that will help them achieve their goals and strengthen their finances, and that a necessary tool to achieve this is savings accounts.

Is it important to keep your savings in a separate account from the one you use to manage your expenses? The answer is yes, precisely because that will reduce the risk that you end up using them for anything else, rather than leaving them in storage.

Now, if it is a question of choosing a savings account, it is necessary to have in clear three basic characteristics that yes or yes it must fulfill, and they are the following:

Do not charge maintenance

Do not charge maintenance

First, because it is an account in which you will only leave your money, it is ideal that you do not charge maintenance, because what you are looking for is that your savings grow and not that they be reduced. In each financial institution you can find an account of this type, just make sure they do not include any additional costs.

That allows you to make deposits at no cost. Try not to have a cost for a certain number of operations, especially in the case of deposits, since the ideal is that you can deposit your savings and any additional income you receive before spending it, without worrying about whether they will charge you for that .

To pay you interest

money savings

Banks and financial institutions also pay you interest and it happens every time you leave your money in an institution. In the case of savings accounts, the higher the rate, the more your savings will grow month by month. That is why it is important that you compare the alternatives before choosing where you will place your savings, since the rates can range from 0.05% to 4.5% per year, which makes a big difference.

Start saving and growing your savings, and choose an account that suits you. To achieve this, compare the alternatives with the Hero Grestgors savings comparator.