The Theater Guild in Webster Groves has been vandalized several times in recent weeks. The vandalism included several smashed windows in the house which serves as a theater and is nestled between other residences at 517 Theater Lane in Webster Groves.

It appears the windows were smashed by someone throwing large boulders, according to Barbara Mulligan, chair of the board of the Theater Guild of Webster Groves. She added that after the most recent incident, which occurred on the night of March 17, guild members found a bicycle and several cans of beer on the porch.

“I’ve been with the theater since 1981 and this is really the first incident of vandalism we’ve had – and now it’s happened multiple times,” Mulligan said. “There’s always someone (with theatre) coming and going here, but we just had some weird things happen.”

Mulligan hopes that the person responsible for the vandalism will be arrested and held accountable. She said the theater guild reported the incidents to the Webster Groves Police Department.

Webster Groves Police Chief Dale Curtis said two minors were arrested and charged with tampering with a vehicle in the area during the same period as the broken window at the Theater Guild of Webster Groves.

“We suspect they are responsible for the damaged window, but have no probable cause to seek a warrant,” he said, adding that at this point they can only be considered people. interest in vandalism.