Main Events are the biggest spots a Superstar can have on a PPV card. These matches end the evening and are reserved for the greatest wrestlers. While many Superstars would have headlined at least one Premium Live Event, it takes a full set of skills to do so continuously over the years.

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Lots of current WWE the superstars had the honor of ending the evening, but some stars did more than others. For the list, current stars include wrestlers who are currently signed to WWE and have wrestled multiple matches in 2022.

ten AJ Styles – 16 main events (6-10)

AJ Styles is one of those independent wrestlers who made his mark in WWE. The Phenomenal One has been a regular main event since its debut in 2016 and is among the promotion’s top stars today.

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The first time he headlined a PPV was in his debut in the Royal Rumble Match. His first singles main event was at WWE Payback against Roman Reigns for the WWE Championship. Styles also participated in WrestleMania during his career.

9 Rey Mysterio – 17 main events (2-15)Rey Mysterio Cropped World Heavyweight Champion

Rey Mysterio is one of the most experienced wrestlers on the roster today, and it only makes sense that he’ll shut down a PPV multiple times. However, most of its main events are multi-man matches such as Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, and Survivor Series.

The legendary Luchador has only headlined a PPV in singles matches twice, first against JBL at Judgment Day and then against King Booker at Great American Bash, both in 2006.


8 Sheamus – 17 main events (5-12)Cropped WWE Champion Sheamus

Given Sheamus’ position in recent years, it’s easy to forget that The Celtic Warrior is a multiple-time world champion.

He had one of the best rookie years in WWE history and quickly found himself in the main event. His first major main event was at Fatal-4-Way 2010 in the eponymous match.

seven Dolph Ziggler – 19 main events (3-16)Dolph Ziggler wins 2014 Survivor Series

Dolph Ziggler is a wrestling veteran with years of WWE experience. He’s been in a lot of multi-man main events including ladder matches, Royal Rumbles, Survivor Series matches, and more.

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Of all his main event appearances, Ziggler’s performances at Survivor Series 2014 and Extreme Rules 2018 stand out the most and for all the right reasons.

6 The Miz – 22 main events (2-20) the-champ-miz-wwe

The Miz is having a great run right now, and his Miz TV is once again becoming the home of some big segments. Just like other stars, he has participated in many gimmick matches and thanks to the longevity of his career, he is ranked higher.

However, he also headlined many PPVs in singles and triple threat matches, especially in 2011. The first time he competed in a mainline PPV was at WrestleMania 27 where he was surprisingly successful. to defeat John Cena. If you’re wondering what was the second time he won in a main event, it was at the 2021 Elimination Chamber when he managed to cash in his briefcase.

5 Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins – 30 main events (13-15-2)Seth Rollins WrestleMania 31 Cropped

Seth Rollins is one of the biggest superstars of recent times and has been a mainstay in world title storylines. He has years and years of struggle left and can top almost everyone on this list.

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The first time he headlined a PPV other than Royal Rumble was as a member of the Evolution Shield at Payback 2014. His first singles main event was against other brothers from the Shield, Dean Ambrose, at Hell in a Cell 2014. Rollins has since risen to superstardom and has headlined many events since then.

4 Edge – 31 main events (10-21)Edge v The Undertaker WrestleMania 24 cropped

Not only is Edge one of the biggest names in wrestling today, but he’s also a WWE Hall of Famer. He defied all injuries to come back better than ever. Whether it was his original stint or the one after his return, the one thing that remained constant was that the Rated-R Superstar was often in the main events.

His first major main event was against the duo of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in a 2-on-1 handicap match at Rebellion 2002. Although he had a poor record in the PPV main events, this did not affect his legacy.

3 Brock Lesnar – 40 main events (22-16-2) Brock Lesnar sword tattoo

Brock Lesnar may not be considered a full-time superstar, but there’s nothing to suggest he doesn’t have a lot more main events in him. Also, as mentioned, he is signed with WWE until at least 2022 and is expected to compete in the SummerSlam main event again.

An interesting fact is that The Beast has participated in 71 Premium Live events, including 40 as headliners. This is only a reflection of its dominance from the beginning to today. His first PPV main event was against The Rock at SummerSlam 2002 for the WWE Undisputed Championship.

2 Roman Reigns – 42 main events (25-16-1) Romain Reigns in WWE

Roman Reigns has become such a big name in pro wrestling that it’s now rare to see a premium live event headlined by a match that doesn’t involve Roman Reigns. Regardless of whether he holds the world title or not, his matches naturally go to the main event, given his star power.

So far, only The Undertaker, Triple H, and John Cena have more PPV main event wins than Reigns. It might not take the tribal leader long to catch up with all these legends.

1 Randy Orton – 58 main events (19-38-1) Randy Orton 2009 WWE Champion Cropped

While Roman Reigns may have come so far in such a short time, he still has a lot of work to do to surpass Randy Orton. The Viper has been a regular face in WWE for two decades now and is still going strong.

The first time The Apex Predator was part of a major main event was at SummerSlam 2003. A rookie Orton fought against Triple H, Goldberg, Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels in the Elimination Chamber match .

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